Elan Vital

Elan Vital can refer to:

  • Élan vital, a philosophical term coined by Henri Bergson roughly translated to vital impetus or force
  • Elan Vital (organization), a nonprofit group formed in the United States, active from 1971 to 2010
  • Élan Vital (album), an album by the music group Pretty Girls Make Graves
  • Elan Vital, a partially sentient machine from the anime series Melody of Oblivion

Other articles related to "elan vital, vital":

Elan Vital (organization) - Reception
... Elan Vital was established to more effectively promote Maharaji's teachings in a way that was free from any particular religious or cultural association ... For Elan Vital, the emphasis is on individual, subjective experience, rather than on a body of dogma ... Elan Vital was listed as a cult in a 1996 French parliamentary commission report ...
Divine Light Mission - History - Westernization
... The Divine Light Mission organization was replaced by Elan Vital the U.S ... organization's name was changed to Elan Vital in 1983, by filing an entity name change ... asked to be referred to as "Maharaji" instead of "Guru Maharaj Ji." Since then the Elan Vital has been "virtually invisible." Rawat stopped granting interviews and making ...
Elan Vital (organization)
... Elan Vital is the name shared by several organizations that support the work of Prem Rawat, a spiritual teacher also known by the honorary title "Maharaji" ... Independent Elan Vital organizations in several countries raise funds, organize speaking engagements by Prem Rawat and in some cases broadcast his public addresses ... Mission" in the United States changed its name to Elan Vital in 1983, by filing an entity name change ...
Bibliography Of Prem Rawat And Related Organizations
... material regarding Prem Rawat and organizations like Divine Light Mission, Elan Vital and The Prem Rawat Foundation. 52–72 1977–1980s Magazine (quarterly) Élan Vital Divine Light Mission U.S ... chapter on Sikh/Sant Mat Groups, section Elan Vital Barbour, John D ...

Famous quotes containing the word vital:

    Analysis as an instrument of enlightenment and civilization is good, in so far as it shatters absurd convictions, acts as a solvent upon natural prejudices, and undermines authority; good, in other words, in that it sets free, refines, humanizes, makes slaves ripe for freedom. But it is bad, very bad, in so far as it stands in the way of action, cannot shape the vital forces, maims life at its roots. Analysis can be a very unappetizing affair, as much so as death.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)