• (noun): A person who ousts or supplants someone else.
    Synonyms: ouster
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Hughes Airwest Flight 706 - Investigation - Survivability
... Further investigation by the NTSB revealed a design flaw in the ejector seat and canopy assemblies of the fighter plane where the pilot would not be able to eject if the radar ... Since the specific design of ejector seats installed in the F-4B were not intended to be fired through the aircraft's canopy, a circuit breaker kept the seat from ejecting if the canopy was in place ... Once the canopy was manually unlocked, the ejector seat circuit was completed and could be fired ...
Hand Ejector
... A hand ejector is a design of revolver handgun characterized by a cylinder that swings out on a hinge (known as a crane) and requires the pushing of a concentric rod toward the cylinder to eject the spent cases ... The term "hand ejector" (though not the design itself) was originated by Smith Wesson to differentiate this class of revolver from the "top break" design, in which ...
Adolph Giesl-Gieslingen - Giesl Ejector
... He developed the Giesl ejector for steam locomotives, which he patented and allowed to be sold by the Schoeller-Bleckmann works ... Austrian 2-8-4 where fitting of the Giesl ejector produced a 25% increase in power output and a small saving in coal ... As a result, Giesl ejectors were fitted to locomotives in Austria, East Germany, East Africa and Czechoslovakia ...
Giesl Ejector - Use in The United Kingdom
... In 1958, Dr Giesl-Gieslingen approached British Railways to offer a free trial of the ejector ... The ejector was removed in 1969, and no difference in coal consumption was found ... The ejector is now on display in the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum at Tywyn ...
Ejector (disambiguation)
... May refer to Ejector or Injector, a pump-like device without moving parts Steam ejector, a railway locomotive component used to create vacuum Ejection seat, an ...

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  • (noun): A mechanism in a firearm that ejects the empty shell case after firing.
    Synonyms: cartridge ejector