Egg Sac

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Tarantula - Life Cycle - Reproduction
... Females deposit 50 to 2000 eggs, depending on the species, in a silken egg sac and guard it for 6 to 8 weeks ... During this time, the female will stay very close to the egg sac and become more aggressive ... Within most species, the female turns the egg sac often, which is called brooding ...
Al-Ankabut - Verses 41 To 55
... “The females of many species place the egg sac on a stalk, wraps leaves about it, attach it to a stone, or cover it with smooth silk before abandoning it ... Other females guard the egg sac or carry it either in their jaws or attached to the spinnerets ... If a female loses an egg sac, she makes searching movements and may pick up a pebble or a piece of paper and attach it to the spinnerets ...
Deinopis Subrufa - Mating
... The female then constructs a globular egg sac, approximately 10-12mm in diameter ... color with black specks on it and contains anywhere from 100-200 eggs ... Once the female has constructed the egg sac and laid the eggs, she will usually leave it to its own protection ...

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