Edogawa may refer to:

  • Edogawa, Tokyo
  • Edo River
  • Edogawa Rampo (1894-1965), a Japanese author

Other articles related to "edogawa":

Kanda River - Other Names
... Station which was formerly called Edo River (江戸川, Edogawa?) ... Most other nearby place names nearby deriving from "Edogawa" had disappeared by 1966, but some remain, including Edogawabashi Station, the bridge after which the station was named, and Edogawa ...
Edogawa Stadium
... Edogawa Athletic Stadium (江戸川区陸上競技場 Edogawa-ku rikujō kyōgi-jō) is a multi-purpose stadium in the Edogawa area of Tokyo, Japan ...
Non-canonical Sherlock Holmes Works - Holmes-inspired Characters - Animation
... (Shin'ichi Kudo), takes his pseudonym, Conan Edogawa, from two detective fiction authors, Edogawa Rampo and Arthur Conan Doyle ... Incidentally Edogawa Rampo took his name from Edgar Allan Poe, the American writer known as the 'Father' of detective fiction ...