Economy of Panama

Economy Of Panama

The economy of Panama is a fully dollarized free market economy with a history of low inflation. It is based mainly on the services industry, heavily weighted toward banking, commerce, and tourism. The hand-over of the canal and military installations by the US has given rise to new construction projects.

Panama's economy is based primarily on a well-developed services sector that accounts for nearly 80% of its GDP. Services include the Panama Canal, banking, the Colón Free Trade Zone, insurance, container ports, and flagship registry, medical and health, and other business. The country's industry includes, manufacturing of aircraft spare parts, cements, drinks, adhesives, and textiles. Also the leading exports for Panama are bananas, shrimp, sugar, coffee, and clothing.

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Economy Of Panama - Economic Growth - Forecast (last Updated: Janunary 21st 2011)
... Panama Economy Insight published in its blog that Panama economy will grow by 9.2% in 2011, meanwhile INDESA, another consulting entrerprise, forecast only 5.9% ... PANAMA'S ECONOMIC GROWTH FORECAST, YEARS 2009-2014 (% change of real GDP) Forecaster 2014 ... Ministry of Economy and Finance Panama Economy Insight 9,2 13,0 11,0 4,9 Indesa 5,9 6,3 ...

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