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Green Party (UK), 1985–1990s
... of the SDP, there were noises being made that the UK needed a "green" party ... In response to the rumours of a cohort of Liberal Party activists being about to launch a UK Green Party, HELP (the Hackney Local Ecology Party) formally registered the name "the ... The first public meeting , chaired by David Fitzpatrick (then an Ecology Party Speaker), was 13 June 1985 in Hackney Town Hall ...

Famous quotes containing the words party and/or ecology:

    This will not be disloyalty but will show that as members of a party they are loyal first to the fine things for which the party stands and when it rejects those things or forgets the legitimate objects for which parties exist, then as a party it cannot command the honest loyalty of its members.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962)

    ... the fundamental principles of ecology govern our lives wherever we live, and ... we must wake up to this fact or be lost.
    Karin Sheldon (b. c. 1945)