Ecological Sanitation

Ecological sanitation, also known as ecosan or eco-san, are terms coined to describe a form of sanitation that usually involves urine diversion and the recycling of water and nutrients contained within human wastes back into the local environment.

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Sanitized - Wastewater - Ecological Sanitation
... For more details on this topic, see Ecological sanitation ... Ecological sanitation is sometimes presented as a radical alternative to conventional sanitation systems ... Ecological sanitation is based on composting or vermicomposting toilets where an extra separation of urine and feces at the source for sanitization and recycling has been done ...
Stockholm Water Prize - Past Winners and Official Motivation
... has shown outstanding leadership in setting the ecological research agenda, integrating it into a socio-ecological context, and in providing guidance for the management of aquatic resources" ... For his wide ranging work in the sanitation field to improve public health, advance social progress, and improve human rights in India and other countries ... His accomplishments span the fields of sanitation technology, social enterprise, and healthcare education for millions of people in his native country, serving as a model ...
Arguments For The Use of Ecological Sanitation
... Mixing feces and urine makes treatment difficult ... All waste water treatment plants use some natural/biological processes, but nature does not normally have this waste water, so there are no microbes that can deal with this mix ...

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