• (adj): Characterized by the interdependence of living organisms in an environment.
    Example: "An ecological disaster"
    Synonyms: ecologic
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Stockholm Resilience Centre
... that focuses on the resilience of social-ecological systems ... University, the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences ... It also offers a Masters programmes on social-ecological resilience and has its own PhD Research school ...
Dominance (ecology)
... Ecological dominance is the degree to which a taxon is more numerous than its competitors in an ecological community, or makes up more of the biomass ... Most ecological communities are defined by their dominant species ... In other words, the dominant species in an ecological community or food chain, is generally the most abundant species ...
Sanitized - Wastewater - Ecological Sanitation
... For more details on this topic, see Ecological sanitation ... Ecological sanitation is sometimes presented as a radical alternative to conventional sanitation systems ... Ecological sanitation is based on composting or vermicomposting toilets where an extra separation of urine and feces at the source for sanitization and recycling has been done ...
Liu Xingtu
... as the survey of agricultural resources, the ecological engineering of wetland, the soil and water control of low-lying farmland, the sustainable development of regional agriculture and so on ... He initiated the model of Complex Ecological Agriculture Project of Paddy-Reed-Fish, blazed a way in the located ecological research on marsh, and accomplished a great deal in the harness ... Development of Regional Agriculture in Northeast China, Natural Environmental Changes and Ecological Protection in the Sanjiang Plain, and Management on Degraded Land and ...
Lisbon Principles
... a core set of six principles was established by ecological economist Robert Costanza for the sustainability governance of the oceans ... be aligned with each other and with broad social and ecological goals ... Ecological problems are rarely confined to a single scale ...

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Famous quotes containing the word ecological:

    It seems to me that there must be an ecological limit to the number of paper pushers the earth can sustain, and that human civilization will collapse when the number of, say, tax lawyers exceeds the world’s total population of farmers, weavers, fisherpersons, and pediatric nurses.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)

    The hatred of the youth culture for adult society is not a disinterested judgment but a terror-ridden refusal to be hooked into the, if you will, ecological chain of breathing, growing, and dying. It is the demand, in other words, to remain children.
    Midge Decter (b. 1927)

    The question that will decide our destiny is not whether we shall expand into space. It is: shall we be one species or a million? A million species will not exhaust the ecological niches that are awaiting the arrival of intelligence.
    Freeman Dyson (b. 1923)