EC 1.8

This list contains a list of EC numbers for the first group, EC 1, oxidoreducatases, placed in numerical order as determined by the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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Vedanā - Attributes - Two, Three, Five, Six, 18, 36, 108 Kinds
... faculty (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) 18 kinds explorations of the aforementioned three mental kinds of feelings (mental pleasant, mental painful, equanimous) each in terms of each of the aforementioned six ...
Allotropes Of Sulfur - Solid Cyclo-sulfur Allotropes - Cyclo-Sn, (n = 9–15, 18, 20)
... These allotropes have been synthesised by various methods for example, reacting titanocene pentasulfide and a dichlorosulfane of suitable sulfur chain length, Sn−5Cl2 (η5-C5H5)2TiS5 + Sn−5Cl2 → cyclo-Sn or alternatively reacting a dichlorosulfane, Sn−mCl2 and a polysulfane, H2Sm Sn−mCl2 + H2Sm → cyclo-Sn S12, S18 and S20 can also be prepared from S8 ... With the exception of cyclo-S12, the rings contain S-S bond lengths and S-S-S bond angle that differ one from another ...