Ebola Virus

Ebola virus (EBOV) causes severe disease in humans and in nonhuman primates in the form of viral hemorrhagic fever. EBOV is a select agent, World Health Organization Risk Group 4 Pathogen (requiring Biosafety Level 4-equivalent containment), National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Category A Priority Pathogen, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Category A Bioterrorism Agent, and listed as a Biological Agent for Export Control by the Australia Group.

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Mary Theresa Urbano - Types of Agents - Category A
... Smallpox Smallpox is a highly contagious virus ... However, some virus samples are still available in Russian and American laboratories ... fevers This includes hemorrhagic fevers caused by members of the family Filoviridae (Marburg virus and Ebola virus), and by the family Arenaviridae (for ...
NPC1 - Clinical Significance - Ebola Virus
... Niemann–Pick C1 (NPC1) appears to be essential for Ebola infection ... studies reported in the same issue of Nature (journal) showed that Ebola virus cell entry and replication requires the cholesterol transporter protein NPC1 ... cells from Niemann Pick Type C1 patients were exposed to Ebola virus in the laboratory, the cells survived and appeared immune to the virus, further indicating that Ebola relies on ...
... Ebola virus disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is the human disease which may be caused by any of four of the five known ebola viruses ... These four viruses are Bundibugyo virus (BDBV), Ebola virus (EBOV), Sudan virus (SUDV), and Taï Forest virus (TAFV, formerly and more commonly Côte d'Ivoire Ebola virus (Ivory Coast Ebolavirus, CIEBOV)) ... and is clinically nearly indistinguishable from Marburg virus disease (MVD) ...
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... outbreaks caused by EBOV and its cousin, Sudan virus (SUDV) are mentioned ... Preston talks to the man who named Ebola virus ... "The Monkey House" chronicles the discovery of Reston virus virus among imported monkeys in Reston, Virginia, and the following actions taken by the U.S ...
Ebola Virus - Virology - Replication
... The virus attaches to host receptors through the glycoprotein (GP) surface peplomer and is endocytosed into macropinosomes in the host cell Viral membrane ...

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