Eastern Wei

Eastern Wei

The Eastern Wei Dynasty (simplified Chinese: 东魏朝; traditional Chinese: 東魏朝; pinyin: Dōng Wèi Cháo) followed the disintegration of the Northern Wei, and ruled northern China from 534 to 550.

In 534 Gao Huan, the potentate of the eastern half of what was Northern Wei territory following the disintegration of the Northern Wei dynasty installed Yuan Shanjian a descendant of the Northern Wei as ruler of Eastern Wei. Yuan Shanjian was a puppet ruler as the real power lay in the hands of Gao Huan. Several military campaigns were launched against the neighboring Western Wei in an attempt to reunify the territory once held by the Northern Wei, however these campaigns were not successful, and in 547 Gao Huan died. His sons Gao Cheng and Gao Yang were able to pursue his policy of controlling the emperor, but in 550 Gao Yang deposed Yuan Shanjian and founded his own dynasty, the Northern Qi.

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Eastern Wei - Ruler
... according range of years Northern dynasty Eastern Wei Dynasty 534-550 Convention Eastern Wei + posthumous name Xiao Jing Di (孝靜帝 xiào jìng dì) Yuan Shanjian ...
Gao Cheng - During Gao Huan's Lifetime
... independent general Yuwen Tai, leading to a split of Northern Wei, as Gao Huan then made Yuan Shanjian the Heir Apparent of Qinghe emperor (as Emperor Xiaojing ... Gao Huan moved the Eastern Wei capital from Luoyang to Yecheng ... permission to become in charge of the Eastern Wei imperial government at Yecheng ...
Emperor Wenxuan Of Northern Qi
... He was the second son of Eastern Wei's paramount general Gao Huan, and the death of his brother and Gao Huan's designated successor Gao Cheng in 549 became the regent of Eastern Wei ... In 550, he forced Emperor Xiaojing of Eastern Wei to yield the throne to him, ending Eastern Wei and starting Northern Qi ...
Hou Jing - As Eastern Wei General
... Tai, and Hou defeated Heba, forcing Heba to flee to Liang Dynasty and taking those provinces for Eastern Wei ... In 537, when Gao launched a major attack on Western Wei, seeking to destroy it, Hou was with him, and advised against advancing in a single large army, advocating dividing ... In 538, Hou recaptured several southern provinces that had defected to Western Wei in light of Eastern Wei's defeat at Shawan ...
Gao Huan
... Gaozu (高祖), was the Han Chinese paramount general of the Chinese/Xianbei dynasty Northern Wei and Northern Wei's branch successor state Eastern Wei ... became firmly in control of the government of Eastern Wei, and eventually, in 550, his son Gao Yang forced Emperor Xiaojing of Eastern Wei to yield the throne ...

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