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Liu Wenjing - Participation in Li Yuan's Rebellion
... when Li Mi rose in open rebellion near the eastern capital Luoyang, claiming the title of Duke of Wei, Liu, who was related to Li Mi by marriage, was briefly arrested ... falsely accuse Wang and Gao of collaborating with Eastern Tujue ... When Eastern Tujue soon attacked, the people believed the accusation that Wang and Gao were collaborating with Eastern Tujue, and Li Yuan used this excuse to execute them ...
Liang Shidu - Early Reign
... Emperor of Qin, entered into an alliance with Liang and Eastern Tujue, seeking to attack Chang'an ... However, Li Yuan was able to persuade the Eastern Tujue general Ashina Duobi (Ashina Duojishi's brother) to give up the campaign ... Another Liang attack in fall 620, in conjunction with Eastern Tujue, was also repelled by Duan ...
Li Duozuo - During Wu Zetian's Regency and Reign
... Wu (later known as Wu Zetian) served as regent, there was an invasion by the Eastern Tujue khan Ashina Gudulu and his general Ashide Yuanzhen ... Duozuo, to defend against Ashina Gudulu's attack, and they were able to defeat Eastern Tujue forces at Huanghuadui (黃花堆, in modern Shuozhou, Shanxi), causing ...
Li Shiji - During Emperor Taizong's Reign
... In 629, when Emperor Taizong launched a major attack against Eastern Tujue's Jiali Khan Ashina Duobi, commanded by Li Jing, Li Shiji was one of the major generals under Li Jing's command and was in charge of ... In spring 630, after Li Shiji defeated Eastern Tujue forces at Baidao (白道, in modern Hohhot, Inner Mongolia) and after Li Jing defeated Ashina ... the people to build the Great Wall to defend against Tujue attacks, but did no good ...
Emperor Taizong's Campaign Against Xueyantuo
... reign, had allied with Xueyantuo, a vassal of the powerful Eastern Tujue (Göktürk) Khanate, against Eastern Tujue, who Tang defeated in 630 ... Upon Eastern Tujue's defeat, Xueyantuo's Zhenzhu Khan Yi'nan took over Eastern Tujue's former territory, and while he was formally submissive to Tang, he was expanding his own strength ... When Emperor Taizong tried to restore Eastern Tujue in 639 under the Qilibi Khan Ashina Simo (also known as Li Simo) to counteract the rise of Xueyantuo power ...

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