Eastern Ribbon Snake

The eastern ribbon snake or common ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus sauritus) is a subspecies of ribbon snake found in the northeastern United States.

Some similar species are the western ribbon snake, common garter snake, Plains garter snake, and Butler's garter snake.

The other subspecies are the northern (T. s. septentrionalis), Peninsula (T. s. sackenii), and bluestripe (T. s. nitae) ribbon snakes.

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Eastern Ribbon Snake - Behavior
... However, in colder months, the snake may be forced to hibernate, typically in ant mounds, vole tunnels, crayfish burrows, muskrat lodges, and bank burrows ... Ribbon snakes rarely bite when handled, but they do produce a foul musk from their anal glands when they feel threatened ...
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Kejimkujik National Park - Wildlife
... Eastern Ribbon Snake is a threatened species in Nova Scotia and lives in several isolated areas in the park ... The Eastern Ribbon Snake upon first glance may be easily confused with the common Garter snake, but the Eastern Ribbon Snake is defined by 3 longitudinal yellow stripes on the dorsal side and a black or dark ... Adult Eastern Ribbon Snakes in the park usually measure between 50 and 70 cm in length ...
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