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Constellation Program - Missions - Orion Asteroid Mission
... For the asteroid visit mission superseding the corresponding Constellation program mission, see NEO mission ... The Orion Asteroid Mission is a proposed NASA mission to a near-Earth asteroid (NEA) which would use the standard Orion spacecraft, and a landing module based on Altair ... iron, nickel, platinum and other resources on the asteroid test possible ways to extract them and possibly examine or develop techniques which could be used to protect the Earth from asteroid impacts ...
Asteroid - Discovery - Computerized Methods
... There is increasing interest in identifying asteroids whose orbits cross Earth's, and that could, given enough time, collide with Earth (see Earth-crosser ... The three most important groups of near-Earth asteroids are the Apollos, Amors, and Atens ... Various asteroid deflection strategies have been proposed, as early as the 1960s ...
Near - Science, Mathematics, Technology, Biology, and Medicine
... Reaction, a method for in vitro DNA amplification Near-Earth object, an object in the Solar System whose orbit brings it close to the Earth Near-Earth asteroid Lincoln Near-Earth ...
18880 Toddblumberg
18880 Toddblumberg (1999 XM166) is a main-belt asteroid, which means it is a type of minor planet located roughly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter ... This asteroid was discovered on December 10, 1999 by the Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research Team (LINEAR) at Socorro, New Mexico ... Although discovered by LINEAR, 18880 Toddblumberg is not a near-Earth asteroid ...
List Of Astronomy Acronyms - N
... NEAP – (spacecraft) Near Earth Asteroid Prospector, a space probe used to study a near-Earth asteroid NEAR – (spacecraft) Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous, a space probe used to study a near-Earth ...

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