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Allen Brent
... Allen Brent is a scholar of early Christian history and literature ... At present he is Professor in Early Christian History and Iconography, University of London, King's College where he is joint researcher (with Professor Markus Vinzent), on a two year BARDA project Early ... He has published widely on prominent early Christian figures such as Hippolytus of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, and Cyprian ...
Religious Persecution In The Roman Empire - Persecution Before Constantine I - Christianity
... Main article Persecution of early Christians by the Romans Though there is some debate about the responsibility for the death of Jesus, most agree that the Roman Empire ... Likewise, Christian martyrs were a significant part of Early Christianity, until the Peace of the Church in 313 ... Suetonius mentions passingly that " Punishments were also inflicted on the Christians, a sect professing a new and mischievous religious belief" but he doesn't explain for what they were punished ...
Basilica Church - Architectural Style - Early Christian
... The period of architecture termed Early or Paleo-Christian lasted from the first Christian Church buildings of the early 4th century until the development of a distinctly Byzantine ... Some of the earliest Christian churches were constructed in Armenia where Christianity became the official religion in 301 ... Large Early Christian churches generally took the form of aisled basilicas with an apse ...
Milan Culture - Art - Roman and Early Christian Monuments
... have actually considered the products of the early Christian art ... of employment, but fundamentally the prototype for early Christian churches ...
Christian Heresy - First Millennium - Recent Views On Heresy in Early Christianity
... doctrine, the position of orthodoxy, and the relationship between the early Church and early heretical groups is a matter of academic debate ... Drawing upon distinctions between Jewish Christians, Gentile Christians, and other groups such as Gnostics, they see early Christianity as fragmented and with ... The Pattern of Christian Truth, written by H ...

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    I never went near the Wellesley College chapel in my four years there, but I am still amazed at the amount of Christian charity that school stuck us all with, a kind of glazed politeness in the face of boredom and stupidity. Tolerance, in the worst sense of the word.... How marvelous it would have been to go to a women’s college that encouraged impoliteness, that rewarded aggression, that encouraged argument.
    Nora Ephron (b. 1941)

    Yet, haply, in some lull of life,
    Some Truce of God which breaks its strife,
    The worldling’s eyes shall gather dew,
    Dreaming in throngful city ways
    Of winter joys his boyhood knew;
    And dear and early friends—the few
    John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)