EAC may mean:

Organizations in North America:

  • Eastern Arizona College
  • Eastern Athletic Conference, a high school sports conference in Massachusetts
  • Editors' Association of Canada
  • Election Assistance Commission U.S.
  • Electronic Arts Canada
  • Energy Action Coalition
  • Engineering Accreditation Commission along with ABET, bodies that oversee the validity in engineering and technology educational programs

Organisations in Europe:

  • European Asylum Curriculum, an EU project in the field of asylum
  • Electricity Authority of Cyprus
  • East Asiatic Company, a Danish company also known as Østasiatisk Kompagni (ØK)
  • Euro-Atlantic Centre, a Slovak NGO in the field of foreign and security policies
  • European Advisory Commission, a commission arranged at the 1943 Moscow Conference between the Allies of World War II
  • European Air Charter, a charter airline based in Bournemouth
  • European Astronaut Centre, a training site of the European Space Agency in Cologne, Germany
  • European Astronaut Corps
  • European Accreditation Council
  • European Arboricultural Council
  • Earth Aerospace Corporation

Other organisations:

  • East African Community, an East African trading bloc
  • East Asian Community
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College, a school in Manila, Philippines
  • Eastern Air Command, Indian Air Force
  • Electricity Authority of Cambodia
  • Everyone's a Critic, a film community website

Electronics and computing:

  • East Asia Crossing, a submarine telecommunications cable system
  • Enhanced Audio Codec
  • EasyAntiCheat, an anti-cheat client used for several steam-based computer games
  • Exact Audio Copy, a popular CD ripping software package
  • Encoded Archival Context, an XML-based standard
  • Extended Access Control, a security feature for e-passports


  • East Australian Current, a major Australian ocean current
  • Eastern Agricultural Complex, indigenous plants cultivated in the precontact Southeastern United States
  • Equivalent Annual Cost, a project management concept
  • Estimation at Completion, a project management metric
  • Erythema Annulare Centrifugum, a skin lesion consisting of redness in a ring form
  • External Auditory Canal, the external canal of the ear that leads to the tympanic membrane, or ear drum
  • Echelon above corps, any army formation larger than an army corps
  • Exhibitor Approved Contractor, Someone hired outside of a service contractor to provide a service