EAC may mean:

Organizations in North America:

  • Eastern Arizona College
  • Eastern Athletic Conference, a high school sports conference in Massachusetts
  • Editors' Association of Canada
  • Election Assistance Commission U.S.
  • Electronic Arts Canada
  • Energy Action Coalition
  • Engineering Accreditation Commission along with ABET, bodies that oversee the validity in engineering and technology educational programs

Organisations in Europe:

  • European Asylum Curriculum, an EU project in the field of asylum
  • Electricity Authority of Cyprus
  • East Asiatic Company, a Danish company also known as Østasiatisk Kompagni (ØK)
  • Euro-Atlantic Centre, a Slovak NGO in the field of foreign and security policies
  • European Advisory Commission, a commission arranged at the 1943 Moscow Conference between the Allies of World War II
  • European Air Charter, a charter airline based in Bournemouth
  • European Astronaut Centre, a training site of the European Space Agency in Cologne, Germany
  • European Astronaut Corps
  • European Accreditation Council
  • European Arboricultural Council
  • Earth Aerospace Corporation

Other organisations:

  • East African Community, an East African trading bloc
  • East Asian Community
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College, a school in Manila, Philippines
  • Eastern Air Command, Indian Air Force
  • Electricity Authority of Cambodia
  • Everyone's a Critic, a film community website

Electronics and computing:

  • East Asia Crossing, a submarine telecommunications cable system
  • Enhanced Audio Codec
  • EasyAntiCheat, an anti-cheat client used for several steam-based computer games
  • Exact Audio Copy, a popular CD ripping software package
  • Encoded Archival Context, an XML-based standard
  • Extended Access Control, a security feature for e-passports


  • East Australian Current, a major Australian ocean current
  • Eastern Agricultural Complex, indigenous plants cultivated in the precontact Southeastern United States
  • Equivalent Annual Cost, a project management concept
  • Estimation at Completion, a project management metric
  • Erythema Annulare Centrifugum, a skin lesion consisting of redness in a ring form
  • External Auditory Canal, the external canal of the ear that leads to the tympanic membrane, or ear drum
  • Echelon above corps, any army formation larger than an army corps
  • Exhibitor Approved Contractor, Someone hired outside of a service contractor to provide a service

Other articles related to "eac":

Pacnet - Submarine Communications Cable Network - EAC-C2C
... Pacnet’s pan-Asia EAC-C2C network was formed from the integration of the EAC (East Asia Crossing) and CSC systems in 2007 ... The EAC-C2C network lands at 18 cable landing stations across Asia ...
Data Collector - Non-half-hourly
... The NHHDC is also responsible determining the estimated annual consumption (EAC), which is a forecast for a year ahead ... The EAC is initially provided by the supplier, and thereafter forecast based on actual meter readings ... Data from the DC (EAC/ AA's) is provided to the non half hourly data aggregator, which aggregates the individual values provided into a single figure split in a number of ways e.g ...
Encoded Archival Context
... Encoded Archival Context (EAC) is an XML standard for encoding information about the creators of archival materials and the circumstances of record creation and use ... EAC is defined in a document type definition (DTD) as well as in an XML Schema and a Relax NG schema ... EAC elements reflect the ISAAR(CPF) standard and the ISAD(G), two standards managed by the International Council on Archives ...
Exopack Advanced Coatings
... Exopack Advanced Coatings (EAC) is a division of Exopack Holding Corp, owned by Sun Capital Partners, a private investment firm ... EAC has 3 facilities located in North Carolina, North Wales, UK and Guangzhou, China ... EAC specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of precision-coated papers, films and specialty substrates for imaging, electronics, medical and ...