DX-Ball 2

DX-Ball 2 is a Breakout-style game for Microsoft Windows, developed by Longbow Digital Arts. As a follow up to DX-Ball by Michael P. Welch, the sequel is foremost remarked by the introduction of its 16-bit high-colour engine, presenting textured brick and background graphics in vivid colours. The game also features two new Power-Ups, an easy to play "Kid Mode", and a hotseat multiplayer mode, alongside an original soundtrack by SideWinder. DX-Ball 2 also introduces the feature of multiple board-sets, allowing the player to select a desired set of boards to play. The free demo thereby comes packed with a total of 24 boards divided into 6 board-sets of 4 board search. Additional board packs can then be installed for more boards, whereas Board Pack 1 will extend the demo board-sets to 24 boards each, for a total of 150 boards. While a total of five board packs were released for the game, DX-Ball 2 was eventually succeeded by Rival Ball in 2001.

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DX-Ball 2 - Successor
... As a spiritual sequel to DX-Ball 2, Longbow Digital Arts released Rival Ball in 2001 ... While the new title recycled the engine of DX-Ball 2, it also introduced many new features, including a buttoned layout with cursor-based navigation two new Power-Ups (replacing two older ones) new ... randomise board order and repeat board sets, also including support for DX-Ball 2 boards ...