Duval is a surname, literally translating from French to English as 'of the valley', and may refer to:

  • Alexandre-Vincent Pineux Duval
  • Barry E. DuVal
  • Burr H. Duval (1809-1836), son of William Pope, brother of John C. and Thomas H.
  • Charles Allen Duval (1810-1872) Portrait painter, photographer, literary critic, illustrator and writer.
  • Claude Duval
  • Clément Duval
  • Damon Duval
  • David Duval
  • François Duval
  • Gaël Duval
  • Georges Duval de Leyrit
  • Helen Duval
  • Isaac H. Duval (1824-1902), American Civil War General and Congressman from West Virginia
  • James Duval
  • Jean-Jacques Duval d'Eprémesnil
  • Jeanne Duval
  • John Crittenden Duval (1816-1897), son of William Pope, brother of Burr H. and Thomas H.
  • Joseph Duval, French Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Loïc Duval
  • Michael Raoul Duval
  • Salluste Duval
  • Saunier Duval-Prodir
  • Thibaut Duval Belgian athlete (pole vaulter)
  • Thomas Howard Duval (1813-1880), son of William Pope, brother of Burr H. and John C.
  • Thomas Phillip Duval III
  • William Pope Duval (1784-1854), father of Burr H., John C. and Thomas H.

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... Pierre Duval (born September 17, 1932) is a French-Canadian operatic tenor who had an active international career during the 1960s and 1970s ... voice with a considerable amount of flexibility and stamina, Duval sang mostly roles from the standard French and Italian repertories ...
Le Trompeur Trompé - Synopsis
... Duval, his clerk, is working at his desk, musing over the circumstances that brought him to this role He is really a midshipman, but has taken on the role of clerk due to his love ... She cannot be forced to marry him, but should Jocard find out about Duval's scheme, trouble would arise ... Agathe thinks she should leave, but she and Duval promise to be faithful to each other ...
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Schiller–Duval Body
... Schiller–Duval body is a cellular structure seen by microscope in endodermal sinus tumors (yolk sac tumors) which are the most common testicular cancer in ... Schiller-Duval bodies are present in approximately 50% of these tumors, and if found are pathognomonic ... They are named for Mathias-Marie Duval and Walter Schiller who described them in the late nineteenth century ...
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... the primary drivers were Loeb and François Duval ... Due to a string of poor performances, Duval was replaced by Sainz for Turkey and Greece ... Duval took his debut win at the Rally Australia ...