Dutch Railway Services

Dutch railway services is an index page of all the rail services operated in the Netherlands.

Railway services in the Netherlands are operated by the following operators (see also rail transport operators in the Netherlands):

  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • NS Hispeed
  • Syntus
  • Arriva
  • Veolia
  • Connexxion
  • DB Regio NRW

(In the map, Almelo - Hengelo should be blue, Hengelo - Oldenzaal should be blue and yellow.)

In the Netherlands there are three types of domestic train services on the main lines, these are:

  • Fyra - Domestic high speed service.
  • Intercity - An express, limited-stop service, often calling only at major railway stations; in some cases it has stops at all stations along part of the route.
  • Sprinter - A local service calling at all stations along the route, operated mostly by SGM or SLT stock.

On the regional lines, two other train services are in use:

  • Sneltrein - A semi-fast service, with more stops than Intercity, but not at all stations along the route.
  • Stoptrein - A service with stops at all stations along the route.

The 'Sneltrein' and 'Stoptrein' services used to be operated on the main lines as well. Since 2007 both services were being phased out. As of December 2011, all 'Sneltrein' services on the main lines had been replaced by either 'Intercity' services or 'Sprinter' services. Meanwhile, all 'Stoptrein' services on the main lines had been rebranded into 'Sprinter' services, although they are not always operated by SGM or SLT stock yet.

International (high speed) services to countries such as Belgium, France and Germany are mostly operated by NS Hispeed, although other operators have local international services as well.

Below the train services are arranged by type, and for each type ordered by number. For a combined sortable table with links to timetables, but listing less stations, see Train routes in the Netherlands.

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