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Naval History Of The Netherlands - A World Power
... The Dutch revolt (1568-1648) resulted in a better command structure of the Dutch navy ... The government of the newly established Dutch Republic installed five admiralties (de Maze, Amsterdam, Zeeland, the Noorderkwartier, and Friesland) which had ... During the 17th century the Dutch Republic was involved in many wars, many of them at sea ...
1673 In England - Events
7 June - Third Anglo-Dutch War First Battle of Schooneveld The Dutch Republic fleet commanded by Michiel de Ruyter defeats the allied Anglo-French fleet commanded by Prince Rupert of the Rhine. 14 June - Second Battle of Schooneveld The Dutch fleet again defeats the Anglo-French. 9 August - Third Anglo-Dutch War A Dutch fleet retakes New York, renaming it New Orange ...
Admiralty Of Friesland - History - Second Anglo-Dutch War
... at last become unavoidable to match the English fleet in strength and firepower in December 1664 they ordered the construction of 24 new and much heavier vessels ... When the Second Anglo-Dutch War finally broke out, the Frisian fleet sailed ... days, marriages were hurriedly concluded, for the fleet was to sail on 24 May ...
Battles Of La Naval De Manila - Background - Early Spanish-Dutch Conflicts in The Philippines
... their quest for alternative routes to Asia for trade, the Dutch had finally reached the Philippines ... The Dutch sought to dominate the commercial sea trade in Southeast Asia by engaging in piratical activities ... The first Dutch squadron to reach the Philippines was led by Olivier van Noort ...
Battle Of Camperdown
... The Battle of Camperdown (known in Dutch as the Zeeslag bij Kamperduin) was a major naval action fought on 11 October 1797 between a Royal Navy fleet under ... The battle was the most significant action between British and Dutch forces during the French Revolutionary Wars and resulted in a complete victory for the British, who captured eleven Dutch ships without ... In 1795 the Dutch Republic had been overrun by the army of the French Republic and had been reorganised into the Batavian Republic, a French client ...

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    They ... fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden world.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    ‘Tis probable Religion after this
    Came next in order; which they could not miss.
    How could the Dutch but be converted, when
    The Apostles were so many fishermen?
    Besides the waters of themselves did rise,
    And, as their land, so them did re-baptize.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)