DSI is an initialism for the following companies:

  • Data Sciences International
  • Dave Smith Instruments, an American synthesizer company
  • DaySmart Software, Inc., a software company
  • Deep Springs International
  • Delphi Schools, Inc.
  • Delphine Software International, a now bankrupt software company
  • Destination Software, Inc., a video game company
  • Distinctive Software, Inc., a former Canadian software house
  • Diversified Specialty Institute Holdings, Inc., a US-based healthcare group
  • DYWIDAG Systems International, an international supplier of ground anchors and post-tensioning systems
  • State Hydraulic Works (Turkey) (Turkish: Devlet Su İşleri (DSİ)), a state agency in Turkey

DSI also represents the following institutions:

  • Data Storage Institute, a Singaporean national research institute
  • Department of Special Investigation, a Thai government organization for special investigation
  • Deutsche Schule Istanbul, a private high school in Istanbul
  • Dienst Speciale Interventies, a Dutch government organization for counter-terrorism actions

DSI can also mean:

  • Data storage interrupt, the name used for a segmentation fault on PowerPC-based processors
  • Data Stream Interface, computer network protocol to run Apple Filing Protocol over TCP
  • Dead Space Ignition, a video game midquel to the Dead Space series
  • Death or serious injury
  • Delay slot instruction, a term from computer architecture
  • Depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition, a type of modulation of inhibitory neurotransmission
  • Detective Superintendent, a kind of British police's superintendent rank
  • Deutsches SOFIA Institut, an institute helping develop SOFIA
  • Diffused Surface Illumination, a multi-touch technique using a special acrylic Endlighten that disperses even light supplied by edge lighting the acrylic.
  • Diffusion Spectrum Imaging, a brain scanning method used in MRI Tractography to identify crossing fibers in neural tissue
  • Digital Signal Interface, a protocol for controlling of lighting in buildings
  • Disparity Space Image, a data structure used in computer stereo vision
  • Display Serial Interface, a serial protocol for mobile display devices
  • Diverterless supersonic inlet, a type of jet engine air intake
  • Docking Score Index, a drug testing method
  • DontStayIn, a social networking website
  • Dope Stars Inc., an industrial metal band formed in 2002
  • Nintendo DSi, Nintendo's third iteration of the Nintendo DS handheld video-game console

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