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Parts of A Dry Suit - Optional - Valves
... A typical diving dry suit has an air exhaust valve, which lets the diver vent gas from the suit during the ascent ... This is necessary because when the diver ascends, the air in the suit expands, balloons out the suit, and hinders movement ... The air in a ballooned suit can overcome the diver's neutral buoyancy, and can cause a sudden uncontrolled ascent to the surface, resulting in decompression ...
Uses of Dry Suits - Underwater - Commercial/military Diving
... Dry suits for commercial and military diving tend to be much heavier and even more durable than sport dry suits because they will endure a harsh and abrasive ... Some commercial dry suits are rated for hazardous-environment diving, and when combined with a full-face helmet can completely isolate and protect the diver from hazardous ... These "hazmat suits" are most often made of vulcanized rubber, which is easier to decontaminate (because of its slick surface) than other, more commonly used drysuit materials ...
List Of Diving Hazards And Precautions - The Specific Diving Environment
... of heat loss, and can affect divers in wet diving suits while travelling on boats ... Diving suits are available which are suited to a wide range of water temperature down to freezing ... In extreme conditions and when helium based mixtures are in use as breathing gas, heated suits may be necessary ...
Dry Suit
... A dry suit or drysuit provides thermal insulation or passive thermal protection to the wearer while immersed in water, and is worn by divers, boaters, water sports enthusiasts ... A dry suit normally protects the whole body except the head, hands, and possibly the feet ... Dry suits are used typically in these cases where the water temperature is below 15°C (60°F) ...
Twin-hose - Structure and Function of Diving Regulators - Regulator Accessories - Buoyancy Compensator and Dry Suit Inflation Hoses
... stage to provide gas for inflating buoyancy compensators and/or dry suits ... if the hose is disconnected from the BC or suit ... for BC inflator connectors, and is also popular on dry suits, as the limited flow rate reduces the risk of a blow-up if the valve sticks open ...

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