Druids F.C.

Druids F.C.

Ruabon Druids F.C. (Welsh - CP Derwyddon) were a football club based in village of Ruabon near Wrexham. The club was founded in 1869 as Plasmadoc F.C. by David Thomson and his brother, George, of Ruabon. In 1872, Plasmadoc amalgamated with two other Ruabon clubs, Ruabon Rovers F.C. and Ruabon Volenteers F.C., and under the guidance of Llewelyn Kenrick became Ruabon Druids.

Druids are notable as becoming the first Welsh club to enter the FA Cup and Birmingham & District League and winning the Welsh Cup eight times.

Their traditional home was Wynnstay Park on the Wynnstay Estate and their traditional colours were white shirts, black shorts with either black and cerise or simply black socks.

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