Dropbox may also refer to:

  • Dropbox (album), a 2004 album by the band Dropbox
  • Dropbox (band), an American rock band
  • Dropbox (loom), the drop shuttle box invented by Robert Kay in 1760 allow more than one shuttle on a powered loom.
  • Dropbox (service), a web-based file hosting service

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Dropbox (service)
... Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc ... Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same ... Dropbox, Inc ...
Dropbox (service) - Functionality
... a number of uses for and mash-ups of the technology that expand Dropbox's functionality ... These include sending files to a Dropbox via Gmail using Dropbox to sync IM chat logs BitTorrent management password management remote application launching and system monitoring and as a free Web hosting service ...
Examples of Successful Referral Marketing Programs
... Dropbox - In 2009, Dropbox implemented a referral program to encourage their users to tell their friends about Dropbox ... Their referral program had a two-sided incentive for sharing the person who signs up for Dropbox through a referral link gets more space than through a normal ... In the 30 days before the conference presentation, Dropbox estimated that their users had sent 2.8 million direct referral invites to their friends ...
Dropbox (service) - Reception - Privacy Concerns
... Dropbox has been criticized by independent security researcher Derek Newton, who said that Dropbox stores authentication secret (not password) on ... In May 2011, a complaint was filed with the US FTC alleging Dropbox misled users about the privacy and security of their files ... if so and the policy of using a single AES-256 key for every file on the system so Dropbox can (and does, for deduplication) look at encrypted files stored on the system ...