Drinking is the act of ingesting water or other drinks through the mouth. Water is required for many of life’s physiological processes. Both excessive and inadequate water intake are associated with health problems.

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Clean Water Act (Ontario)
... of this Act is to protect existing and future sources of drinking water ... part of the Ontario government’s commitment to ensuring that every Ontarian has access to safe drinking water ... contaminants from getting into sources of drinking water — lakes, rivers and aquifers — we can provide the first line of defense in the protection of our environment and the health of Ontarians ...
Amethyst Initiative - Purpose
... Ohle said in a statement that the initiative is not about lowering the drinking age, but to open a debate on alcohol policies that affect young people and ... “ We need serious, sustained, unfettered debate about the drinking age and the reality of life on a college campus and how these two things are aligned ... debate on our campus about the seriousness of drinking in general but more importantly the high-risk drinking that has become so common on college campuses today ...
Choose Responsibility - Purpose
... Choose Responsibility has examined many industrialized societies with drinking ages less than 21 but scientifically measured to have more responsible drinking habits than Americans ... The organization believes that current drinking laws "infantilize" young adults and promote immature behaviors ... Choose Responsibility compares the results of current drinking laws to the failure of laws associated with Prohibition to maintain and enforce a reduction in alcohol use ...
... Mizuwari means "mixed with water" and is a popular way of drinking spirits in Japan ... The practice comes from Japanese shochu drinking traditions but is also a very popular way of drinking whisky ...

Famous quotes containing the word drinking:

    Wait a second while I take a swig off this bottle: it’s my true and only Helicon, my Caballine fount, my sole Enthusiasm. Here, drinking, I deliberate, I reason, I resolve and conclude. After the epilogue I laugh, I write, I compose, I drink. Ennius drinking would write, writing would drink.
    François Rabelais (1494–1553)

    The rapturous, wild, and ineffable pleasure
    Of drinking at somebody else’s expense.
    Henry Sambrooke Leigh (1837–1883)

    A pragmatic race, the Japanese appear to have decided long ago that the only reason for drinking alcohol is to become intoxicated and therefore drink only when they wish to be drunk.
    So I went out into the night and the neon and let the crowd pull me along, walking blind, willing myself to be just a segment of that mass organism, just one more drifting chip of consciousness under the geodesics.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)