Dress Shirt

A shirt, or dress shirt in American English, (also button-front, or button-up shirt) is a garment with a collar, a full-length opening at the front from the collar to the hem, and sleeves with cuffs. Shirts are predominantly used by men, since women usually wear blouses. The front opening is fastened using buttons or studs, and the cuffs close with buttons or cuff links. Shirts are normally made from woven cloth, and are often accompanied by a jacket and tie, for example with a suit or formalwear, but shirts are also worn more casually. In British English, dress shirt means specifically the more formal evening garment worn with black- or white- tie, also discussed below. Some of these formal shirts have stiff fronts and detachable collars attached with collar studs. "Button-up" is sometimes used instead of "button-down" to describe the front buttoning of a shirt.

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... made a device that could hang on a wall mount next to his dress shirts ... on the Stayclip's ring and hung them next to his dress shirt by using a gentle adhesive and magnets ... These metals are very durable, yet allow someone wearing a dress shirt to adjust the collar by adding a slight curve to it while in the dress shirt ...
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Famous quotes containing the words shirt and/or dress:

    Sir Eglamour, that worthy knight,
    He took his sword and went to fight;
    And as he rode both hill and dale,
    Armed upon his shirt of mail,
    A dragon came out of his den,
    Had slain, God knows how many men!
    Samuel Rowlands (1570?–1630?)

    A blond in a red dress can do without introductions—but not without a bodyguard.
    Rona Jaffe (b. 1932)