• (noun): A sterile covering arranged over a patient's body during a medical examination or during surgery in order to reduce the possibility of contamination.
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Some articles on drape, drapes:

The Drape Suit During World War II
... The drape suit remained popular during World War II, being a familiar and stable piece during uncertain times ... The Bold Look was the continuation of the English drape cut with greater emphasis on the coordination of the suit with its accessories and shirt ...
1930s Fashion - Menswear - Suits
... By the early 1930s, the "drape cut" or "London Drape" suit championed by Frederick Scholte, tailor to the Prince of Wales, was taking the world of men's fashion ... at the wrist resulted in a cut with flattering folds or drapes front and back that enhanced a man's figure ... By the early 1940s, Hollywood tailors had exaggerated the drape to the point of caricature, outfitting film noir mobsters and private eyes in suits with heavily padded chests, enormous shoulders, and wide flowing ...
Drape Suit - 1920s-1930s
... in the late 1920s, the athletic silhouette in suits “gradually and subtly refined into the drape cut” ... The English drape suit became popular by the late 1930s Scholte’s distinctive V-shaped suit was developed through “discreet horizontal drapes narrowed ... The drape suit was a more comfortable, athletic alternative to the slim suits of the preceding war years and their restrictions ...
Theater Drapes And Stage Curtains - Types of Drapes and Curtains - Grand Drapes
... The front curtain, which is variously called a grand drape, act curtain, house curtain, house drape, main drape or, in the UK, tabs, hangs upstage, just behind the proscenium arch ...
Drape (disambiguation)
... Drape can refer to a curtain Drapery, cloth used for decorative purposes Drape suit, a British variation of the lounge suit ...

More definitions of "drape":

  • (verb): Arrange in a particular way.
    Example: "Drape a cloth"
  • (verb): Place casually.
    Example: "The cat draped herself on the sofa"
  • (verb): Cover or dress loosely with cloth.
    Example: "Drape the statue with a sheet"
  • (noun): The manner in which fabric hangs or falls.
    Example: "She adjusted the drape of her skirt"