Dr. Tran

Dr. Tran is the main character of several short animated films by Lone Sausage Productions. "Here Comes Dr. Tran" is the first in the Dr. Tran series. It is a 7-minute, 46 second long animated short film that has become a viral video. It and the accompanying shorts featuring the titular character detail a young boy being shanghaied by American mass media into becoming a James Bond-esque character in a 30,000-strong film series with a cornucopia of product tie-ins.

The original cartoon was created in 2003 by Breehn Burns and Jason Johnson under Lone Sausage Productions, and it premiered at Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation. Over 70,000 pairs of 3-D glasses were produced solely for the short 3-D sequence in the film (less than three seconds long). Critics have called the short, "far and away the best addition to the festival". Episodes of Dr. Tran are regularly featured in the festival which tours the U.S. and Canada.

After it became available on G4tv, dozens of bootlegs of the video were uploaded to YouTube and hundreds of blogs began linking to it, greatly increasing its popularity.

Trần or Tran is a Vietnamese surname.

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