Douz (Arabic: دوز‎ Dūz) is a town in central Tunisia, known as the "gateway to the Sahara." In previous times it was an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan routes. Today, it is destination for tourists who are interested in seeing the desert, and a starting point for desert treks by camel, motorcycle, or four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Douz is a major palm oasis and as such a large producer of "diglat noor" dates.

Every year Douz hosts the International Festival of the Sahara, a four-day celebration of traditional desert culture. The festival, usually held in November or December, features traditional music and dancing, poetry readings, camel wrestling, and racing of horses and salugis (a type of dog, similar to a greyhound, native to the North African desert.)

Douz is home to the Museum of the Sahara, which showcases displays on traditional nomadic desert culture of the Mrazig people who now mostly live a settled life in the town.

Weather, climate, and geography are always important things to be informed about if you plan to visit. The northern areas draw in the most people but if you plan on visiting for lower costs, the winter time would be best. It is not as warm but mild on the other hand has occasional rainy winters. From June to August mark the best months of the year for this specific region. Of course Spring is also a good time because there are less tourists that visit thus freeing up a lot of space.

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