Doulu Qinwang

Doulu Qinwang (豆盧欽望) (630? – December 27, 709), né Lu Qinwang (盧欽望), formally Duke Yuan of Rui (芮元公), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty, serving several terms as chancellor during the reigns of Wu Zetian and her son Emperor Zhongzong.

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Doulu Qinwang - During Emperor Zhongzong's Second Reign
... He made Doulu Qinwang a head of the executive bureau (now renamed Shangshu Sheng (尚書省)) again—now with the title changed to Pushe (僕射) ... However, this created an ambiguity as to whether Doulu was a chancellor, as, while officials serving as Pushe had, in the reigns of Emperor Gaozu and his son Emperor Taizong, been ... and rule on national matters in the afternoon.) Doulu's colleague as Pushe, Tang Xiujing, carried the designation of Tong Zhongshu Menxia Sanpin, but Doulu did not, and he therefore did not dare to ...