Double Layer

Double layer may refer to:

  • Double layer (plasma), a structure in a plasma and consists of two parallel layers with opposite electrical charge
  • Double layer (interfacial), a structure that appears on the surface of an object when it is placed into a liquid
  • Double layer (biospecific), the surface where two different phases of matter are in contact
  • DVD+R DL or Double layer, a DVD format

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Double Layer (plasma) - Mathematical Description of A Double Layer - Formation of A Density Dip
... will take a look at the generation of a double layer in a current-carrying plasma ... carrying plasma can be favorable for the generation of a double layer ... Note that we then have a double-double layer (increasing and decreasing electric field), and one side needs to be transported away ...
Double Layer (plasma) - Mathematical Description of A Double Layer - Current-carrying Double Layers Formed By Single, Zero Temperature Beams
... and a trapped, zero-velocity electron component, may form a particular class of double layer ... and number density to analyse the structure of these double layers, in the 1D, time-independent limit ... We are looking for double-layerlike solutions, where there is a well localised region with a potential gradient, outside of which the electric field is zero ...
Double Layer (plasma)
... A double layer is a structure in a plasma and consists of two parallel layers with opposite electrical charge ... sharp change in voltage (electrical potential) across the double layer ... Ions and electrons which enter the double layer are accelerated, decelerated, or reflected by the electric field ...
Electroacoustic Phenomena - Theory of CVI and ESA
... First of all it is valid only for thin Double Layer, when Debye length is much smaller than particles radius a Secondly, it neglect contribution of the surface conductivity ... This assumes small Dukhin number Restriction of the thin Double Layer limits applicability of this Smoluchowski type theory only to aqueous systems with sufficiently large ... that is applicable for other extreme case of thick Double Layer, when This theory takes into consideration overlap of Double Layer that inevitably occur for concentrated systems with thick ...
Electrodeless Plasma Thruster - Other Research
... theoretical research has also been reported around the debated issue of the existence of a double layer in such a thruster, even if such a double layer structure would be current-free, as both ions and electrons ... The existence of current free double layer is still debated among plasma physicists ...

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