Dorsal Digital Nerves of Foot

Dorsal digital nerves of foot are branches of the intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve, medial dorsal cutaneous nerve, sural nerve and deep fibular nerve. There are 10 total dorsal digital branches.

- The medial terminal branch (internal branch) divides into two dorsal digital nerves (nn. digitales dorsales hallucis lateralis et digiti secundi medialis) which supply the adjacent sides of the great and second toes,

- The medial dorsal cutaneous nerve (internal dorsal cutaneous branch) passes in front of the ankle-joint, and divides into three dorsal digital branches, one of which supplies the medial side of the great toe, the other, the adjacent sides of the second and third toes.

- The intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve divides into four dorsal digital branches, which supply the medial and lateral sides of the third and fourth, and of the fourth and fifth toes.

- The lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve from the sural nerve turns into a dorsal digital nerve and supplies the lateral side of the fifth toe.

Nerves of lower limbs and lower torso: the lumbosacral plexus (L1–Co) (TA A14.2.05–07GA 9.948)
  • lateral cutaneous branch
  • anterior cutaneous branch
  • anterior scrotal ♂/labial ♀
  • femoral branch/lumboinguinal
  • genital branch
lateral cutaneous
of thigh
  • patellar
  • anterior cutaneous branches
  • saphenous (infrapatellar
  • medial crural cutaneous)
  • medial sural cutaneous
  • medial calcaneal
  • medial plantar (common plantar digital nerves
  • proper plantar digital)
  • lateral plantar (deep branch
  • superficial branch
  • common plantar digital
  • proper plantar digital)
  • lateral dorsal cutaneous
  • lateral calcaneal
  • muscular: superior gluteal/inferior gluteal
  • lateral rotator group (to quadratus femoris
  • to obturator internus
  • to the piriformis)
    cutaneous: posterior cutaneous of thigh (inferior cluneal
  • perineal branches)
  • perforating cutaneous
  • pudendal: inferior anal
  • perineal (deep
  • posterior scrotal ♂/labial ♀)
  • dorsal of the penis ♂/clitoris ♀
  • cutaneous innervation of the lower limbs


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noco/auto/cong/tumr, sysi/epon, injr

proc, drug (N1B)

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