Domain Theory

Domain theory is a branch of mathematics that studies special kinds of partially ordered sets (posets) commonly called domains. Consequently, domain theory can be considered as a branch of order theory. The field has major applications in computer science, where it is used to specify denotational semantics, especially for functional programming languages. Domain theory formalizes the intuitive ideas of approximation and convergence in a very general way and has close relations to topology. An alternative important approach to denotational semantics in computer science is that of metric spaces.

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Explanation-based Learning - Details
... An example of EBL using a perfect domain theory is a program that learns to play chess by being shown examples ... A domain theory is perfect or complete if it contains, in principle, all information needed to decide any question about the domain ... For example, the domain theory for chess is simply the rules of chess ...
List Of Order Theory Topics - Domain Theory
... relation Continuous poset Continuous lattice Algebraic poset Scott domain Algebraic lattice Scott information system Powerdomain Scott topology Scott continuity ...
Domain Theory - Generalizations
... Synthetic domain theory ... Topological domain theory A continuity space is a generalization of metric spaces and posets, that can be used to unify the notions of metric spaces and domains ...
Explanation-based Learning - Application
... An especially good application domain for EBL is natural language processing (NLP) ... Here a rich domain theory, i.e ... parsing system, where the utility problem was solved by omitting the original grammar (domain theory) and using specialized LR-parsing techniques, resulting in huge speed-ups, at ...
Dana Scott - Oxford University, 1972–1981 - Semantics of Programming Languages
... One of Scott's largest contributions is his formulation of domain theory, allowing programs involving recursive functions and looping-control ... understanding of infinitary and continuous information through domain theory and his theory of information systems ... of Sciences for his conceptually oriented logical works, especially the creation of domain theory, which has made it possible to extend Tarski's semantical paradigm to ...

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