Dolly Zoom - Alternative Names

Alternative Names

A dolly counter zoom is also variously known as:

  • The "Hitchcock zoom" or the "Vertigo effect"
  • "Hitchcock shot" or "Vertigo shot"
  • Triple Reverse Zoom
  • Reverse Tracking Shot
  • Back Zoom Travelling
  • Retrograde zoom
  • "Smash Zoom" or "Smash Shot"
  • Vertigo zoom
  • A "Jaws shot"
  • A "zido"
  • A "zolly"
  • Telescoping
  • Trombone shot
  • Push/pull
  • The Trombone Effect
  • A Stretch shot
  • Reverse Pull
  • More technically as forward zoom / reverse tracking or zoom in / dolly out
  • Trans-trav (in Romanian), from trans-focal length operation and travelling movement
  • Contra-zoom

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