Dollar Bill

A dollar bill is a banknote (or bill) of any of the currencies that are named dollar. Note that some of these currencies may have coins for 1 dollar as well as or instead of notes.

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... Although both the colony of Massachusetts and the Thirteen Colonies printed $3 bills, the United States never issued one however, a $3.00 gold coin was issued by the U.S ... Legitimate three-dollar bills were also produced by various banks in the early days of the United States and by the Confederacy ... Various fake $3 bills have been released over time, generally poking fun at politicians or celebrities such as Richard Nixon, Michael Jackson, George W ...
Save The Greenback Act
1997 forbidding the phase-out of the United States one-dollar bill ... Davis gave several arguments against phasing out the one-dollar bill A great number of people's "pockets will be weighted down with heavy change instead of having a few ... one might suspect a conspiracy by clothing manufacturers in drafting the dollar coin proposal, as everyone's pockets begin to wear out." Several polls have shown that Americans prefer the one-d ...
Greenishness - Common Associations of Green - Social Status, Prosperity and The Dollar
... In the United States green was connected with the dollar bill ... Since 1861, the reverse side of the dollar bill has been green ... (1805) The reverse of the United States one-dollar bill has been green since 1861, giving it the popular name greenback ...
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    Any gentleman with the slightest chic will give a girl a fifty dollar bill for the powder room.
    George Axelrod (1922)