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Verity Lambert was producer with David Whitaker serving as story editor and Mervyn Pinfield as associate producer.

Story No. Episodes Serial title Episode titles Directed by Written by UK viewers
Original air date Production
ep-" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">- 1 "Pilot" "An Unearthly Child" Waris Hussein Anthony Coburn 1.7 26 August 1991 A
The first pilot episode of The Unearthly Child. For the summaries of this episode, see below.
001 4 An Unearthly Child "An Unearthly Child"
"The Cave of Skulls"
"The Forest of Fear"
"The Firemaker"
Waris Hussein Anthony Coburn Ep. 1: 4.4
Ep. 2: 5.9
Ep. 3: 6.9
Ep. 4: 6.4
Ep. 1: 63
Ep. 2: 59
Ep. 3: 56
Ep. 4: 55
23 November - 14 December 1963 A
Schoolteachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright are concerned about one of their pupils, Susan Foreman, who seems to have a very alien outlook on England. They have come to her listed address to investigate. They arrive in a junkyard and find a Police Box, the Police Box proves to be no ordinary police box. When Ian and Barbara enter, they discover it to be much bigger on the inside than the outside. In the TARDIS is Susan and her grandfather, the Doctor. Fearing that Barbara and Ian will give away the secret of the TARDIS, he kidnaps them and takes the machine to the Stone Age, where they will have to fight for their lives.
002 7 The Daleks "The Dead Planet"
"The Survivors"
"The Escape"
"The Ambush"
"The Expedition"
"The Ordeal"
"The Rescue"
Richard Martin &
Christopher Barry
Terry Nation Ep. 1: 6.9
Ep. 2: 6.4
Ep. 3: 8.9
Ep. 4: 9.9
Ep. 5: 9.9
Ep. 6: 10.4
Ep. 7: 10.4
Ep. 1: 59
Ep. 2: 58
Ep. 3: 63
Ep. 4: 63
Ep. 5: 63
Ep. 6: 63
Ep. 7: 65
21 December 1963 - 1 February 1964 B
The TARDIS lands in a petrified jungle, where they find an advanced city and decide to explore it. Barbara becomes separated from her colleagues, threatened by an unseen creature. Before long, the entire crew is captured by the Daleks, and learn they are in the middle of a war between the Daleks and the Thals.
003 2 The Edge of Destruction "The Edge of Destruction"
"The Brink of Disaster"
Richard Martin
& Frank Cox
David Whitaker Ep. 1: 10.4
Ep. 2: 9.9
Ep. 1: 61
Ep. 2: 60
8–15 February 1964 C
The Doctor, while attempting to correct the TARDIS's faulty navigation circuits, causes a small explosion. The Doctor, Barbara, Ian and Susan are all temporarily rendered unconscious. After they awake, Ian and Susan appear to have slight cases of amnesia and everyone begins to act strangely.
004 7 Marco Polo "The Roof of the World"
"The Singing Sands"
"Five Hundred Eyes"
"The Wall of Lies"
"Rider from Shang-Tu"
"Mighty Kublai Khan"
"Assassin at Peking"
Waris Hussein John Lucarotti Ep. 1: 9.4
Ep. 2: 9.4
Ep. 3: 9.4
Ep. 4: 9.9
Ep. 5: 9.4
Ep. 6: 8.4
Ep.7: 10.4
Ep. 1: 63
Ep. 2: 62
Ep. 3: 62
Ep. 4: 60
Ep. 5: 59
Ep. 6: 59
Ep.7: 59
22 February - 4 April 1964 D
The TARDIS crew meet the real Marco Polo.
005 6 The Keys of Marinus "The Sea of Death"
"The Velvet Web"
"The Screaming Jungle"
"The Snows of Terror"
"Sentence of Death"
"The Keys of Marinus"
John Gorrie Terry Nation Ep. 1: 9.9
Ep. 2: 9.4
Ep. 3: 9.9
Ep. 4: 10.4
Ep. 5: 7.9
Ep. 6: 6.9
Ep. 1: 62
Ep. 2: 60
Ep. 3: 61
Ep. 4: 60
Ep. 5: 61
Ep. 6: 63
11 April - 16 May 1964 E
After arriving on a small island, the TARDIS crew go on a quest to find the five keys to Marinus.
006 4 The Aztecs "The Temple of Evil"
"The Warriors of Death"
"The Bride of Sacrifice"
"The Day of Darkness"
John Crockett John Lucarotti Ep. 1: 7.4
Ep. 2: 7.4
Ep. 3: 7.9
Ep. 4: 7.4
Ep. 1: 62
Ep. 2: 62
Ep. 3: 57
Ep. 4: 58
23 May - 13 June 1964 F
The TARDIS crew arrive in Mexico in the 15th Century. With the TARDIS trapped in a tomb, Barbara is mistaken for a female reincarnation of the ancient high priest Yetaxa, and assumes her guise and identity. From her new position of power, Barbara sees her chance to bring an end to human sacrifice.
007 6 The Sensorites "Strangers in Space"
"The Unwilling Warriors"
"Hidden Danger"
"A Race Against Death"
"A Desperate Venture"
Mervyn Pinfield
and Frank Cox
Peter R. Newman Ep. 1: 7.9
Ep. 2: 6.9
Ep. 3: 7.4
Ep. 4: 5.5
Ep. 5: 6.9
Ep. 6: 6.9
Ep. 1: 59
Ep. 2: 59
Ep. 3: 56
Ep. 4: 60
Ep. 5: 57
Ep. 6: 57
20 June – 1 August 1964 G
The TARDIS travellers land on a spaceship and find the crew apparently dead. However, other crew members regain consciousness and Ian Chesterton fully revives them. These two tell the travellers that they are on an exploration mission from Earth and are orbiting Sense-Sphere. However, its inhabitants, the Sensorites, refuse to let them leave the orbit.
008 6 The Reign of Terror "A Land of Fear"
"Guests of Madame Guillotine"
"A Change of Identity"
"The Tyrant of France"
"A Bargain of Necessity"
"Prisoners of Conciergerie"
Henric Hirsch
& John Gorrie
Dennis Spooner Ep. 1: 6.9
Ep. 2: 6.9
Ep. 3: 6.9
Ep. 4: 6.4
Ep. 5: 6.9
Ep. 6: 6.4
Ep. 1: 58
Ep. 2: 54
Ep. 3: 55
Ep. 4: 53
Ep. 5: 53
Ep. 6: 55
8 August – 12 September 1964 H
The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan arrive in what they believe to be England. However, it is soon clear that they have travelled back into Earth history yet again, this time to 18th Century France, during The French Revolution.

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