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Gunwitch - Characters - Doc Horror
... Doctor Nicodemus Horror first made himself known as "the Bogeyman," the feared Mafia "fixer" for Don Lupo Zampa in Pacific City ... Within a year of his employment Horror managed to destroy the city's drug trade and eliminate all of Zampa's competitors, earning both a reputation as a top-notch enforcer and the ire of the ... Although he appears human, Doc Horror is actually a native of a parallel world referred to as the "Black Planet" that was overrun by the nefarious Crim following a great global war ...
Gunwitch - Supporting Characters - Don Lupo Zampa
... He owes his status to Doc Horror, who single-handedly demolished both the illicit drug trade and the Zampa family competitors within the city in less than a year ... It was Don Lupo who helps locate Doc Horror's daughter Eve after they were separated on their journey to Earth, and even after Horror left his employment they have maintained a loyal friendship ... hypnotic abilities of a Crim hatchling, but Doc Horror overcomes the trap and rescues Lupo before heading off for the final showdown with Fane and the Crim invaders ...
Gunwitch - Enemies - The Crim
... species of parasites that have overrun Doc Horror's native world and have arrived here on Earth ... The Crim are, in Doc Horror's words, "a nasty breed ... After discovering the Crim's presence on this world, Doc Horror worked on developing special pistol rounds that could affect the creatures rather than simply inflict impact damage, they used his ...

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    The anarchy, assassination, and sacrilege by which the Kingdom of France has been disgraced, desolated, and polluted for some years past cannot but have excited the strongest emotions of horror in every virtuous Briton. But within these days our hearts have been pierced by the recital of proceedings in that country more brutal than any recorded in the annals of the world.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    The 5307th has collapsed. From a medical viewpoint, they’re finished as a fighting unit.... I have never seen human beings in such condition. They’re drained, physically and psychologically drained. I’m not tagging them for specific ailments. I’m simply marking every man in the outfit A.O.E.—accumulation of everything.
    Samuel Fuller, U.S. screenwriter, and Milton Sperling. Samuel Fuller. Doc (Andrew Duggan)