Dius Fidius

In ancient Roman religion, Dius Fidius (less often as Dius Fidus) was a god of oaths associated with Jupiter. His name was thought to be related to Fides.

Fidius may be an earlier form for filius, "son", with the name Dius Fidius originally referring to Hercules as a son of Jupiter. According to some writers, the phrase medius fidius was equivalent to mehercule "My Hercules!", a common interjection.

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Dius Fidius - Theology
... Dius Filius as the Greek Διόσκορον Castorem on the grounds of the alteration of the letters d and l in the Sabine tongue ... is certainly not a mere aspect of Jupiter but a separate entity, known in Rome as Semo Sancus Dius Fidius ... Wissowa argues that Jupiter and Dius Fidius divide responsibility for ensuring good faith ...
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... Dius Fidius is considered a theonym for Jupiter, and sometimes a separate entity (also known in Rome as Semo Sancus Dius Fidius ... the Fides Publica Populi Romani as Iuppiter Lapis (by whom important oaths are sworn), Dius Fidius is a deity established for everyday use and was ... Dius Fidius would thus correspond to Zeus Pistios ...