• (adj): Tending to disperse.
    Synonyms: dispersive
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Ilokano Numbers - Distributive
... Distributives are formed by prefixing sag- plus redupication of the first CV (light reduplication) of the cardinal form or the unit ... Distributives express so many each, so many a piece ... Cardinal Distributive Gloss maysa saggaysa one each, a piece dua sagdudua two each, a piece tallo saggatlo three each, a piece uppat sagpapat four each, a piece lima saglilima five each, a piece ...
Social Value Orientations - SVO From A Broader Perspective
... fields (see introduction section) it is the concept of distributive preferences ... preferences such as inequality aversion, which is a distributive preference heavily studied in experimental economics ... SVO concept can be extended, though, by representing peoples' distributive preferences in terms of utility functions, as is standard in economics ...
Median Algebra
... In a Boolean algebra, or more generally a distributive lattice, the median function satisfies these axioms, so that every Boolean algebra and every distributive lattice forms a median ... elements 0 and 1 satisfying < 0,x,1 > = x is a distributive lattice ...
Completely Distributive Lattice - Examples
... unit interval, ordered in the natural way, is a completely distributive lattice ... More generally, any complete chain is a completely distributive lattice ... The power set lattice for any set X is a completely distributive lattice ...
Distributive Homomorphism
... We say that θ is distributive, if it is a join, in the congruence lattice Con S of S, of monomial join-congruences of S ... Definition (weakly distributive homomorphisms) ... T between join-semilattices S and T is weakly distributive, if for all a, b in S and all c in T such that μ(c)≤ a ∨ b, there are elements x and y of S such that c≤ x ∨ y, μ(x)≤ a ...

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  • (adj): Serving to distribute or allot or disperse.