Distributed Revision Control

In computer programming, a distributed revision control system (DRCS), distributed version control or decentralized version control system (DVCS) keeps track of software revisions and allows many developers to work on a given project without necessarily being connected to a common network.

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Distributed Revision Control - Future
... Some natively centralized systems are starting to grow distributed features ... It may become more difficult to separate natively distributed vs centralized systems ... There are many tools that rely on version control, such as wikis, file systems, and text editors ...
Blikis - Additional Features - Offline Viewing and Editing
... One approach to doing this is using a distributed revision control system as a backend of the wiki, in peer-to-peer style ... This is the approach taken by the ikiwiki engine (which can use the distributed revision control system Git as its back-end), and Code Co-op (a distributed revision control system ...
Distributed Revision Control
... Distributed revision control systems (DRCS) take a peer-to-peer approach, as opposed to the client-server approach of centralized systems ... Distributed revision control conducts synchronization by exchanging patches (change-sets) from peer to peer ...

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