Disruption is an event which causes an "unplanned, negative deviation from the expected delivery ... according to the organization’s objectives". The objectives of information security include avoidance of disruption in this context.

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Mating Disruption - Mechanism
... Mating disruption exploits the male insects' natural response to follow the plume by introducing a synthetic pheromone into the insects’ habitat ... The general effect of mating disruption is to confuse the male insects by masking the natural pheromone plumes, causing the males to follow “false pheromone ... United States Environmental Protection Agency consider mating disruption to be among the most environmentally friendly treatments used to eradicate pest infestations ...
Social Disruption
... Social disruption is a term used in sociology to describe the alteration or breakdown of social life, often in a community setting ... For example, the closing of a community grocery store might cause social disruption in a community by removing a "meeting ground" for community members to develop interpersonal relationships and community ... Social disruptions can take place in a variety of forms, from natural disasters to the grocery store example in the above paragraph ...
Disruption - Context Disambiguation
... Cell disruption is a method or process in cell biology for releasing biological molecules from inside a cell ... In Scotland, the Disruption of 1843 refers to the divergence from the Church of Scotland of the Free Church of Scotland Disruption is a method of disabling an explosive device by using projected water disruptors ... "Disruption" in Schema (genetic algorithms) Disruption (of adoption) is also the term for the cancellation of an adoption of a child before it is legally completed ...

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    [Film noir] experiences periodic rebirth and rediscovery. Whenever we have any moment of deep societal rift or disruption in America, one of the ways we can express it is through the ideas and behavior in film noir.
    John Briley (b. 1925)