Some articles on discreteness:

Actor Model Theory - Events and Their Orderings - Law of Discreteness
... in the Combined Ordering is closely related to the following law Law of Discreteness For all events e1 and e2, the set {e
Wallpaper Group - Formal Definition and Discussion - The Discreteness Condition
... The discreteness condition means that there is some positive real number ε, such that for every translation Tv in the group, the vector v has length at least ... One important and nontrivial consequence of the discreteness condition in combination with the independent translations condition is that the group can only contain rotations of order 2, 3, 4, or 6 that ...
Disambiguator - Difficulties - Discreteness of Senses
... – has been proposed as a possible solution to the sense discreteness problem ... substitutes can be chosen from the full lexicon of the target language, thus overcoming discreteness) ...
Distinct Population Segment - Criteria For Designation - Discreteness
1 ... It is markedly separated from other populations of the same taxon as a consequence of physical, physiological, ecological, or behavioral factors ...