Discontinuity may refer to:

  • Discontinuity (casting), An interruption in the normal physical structure or configuration of an article
  • Discontinuity (Geotechnical engineering) in geotechnics is a plane or surface marking a change in physical or chemical properties in a soil or rock mass
  • Discontinuity (mathematics), a property of a mathematical function
  • Discontinuity (linguistics), a property of tree structures in theoretical linguistics
  • Discontinuity (Postmodernism), a conception of history as espoused by the philosopher Michel Foucault.
  • A break in continuity (fiction), in literature
  • Fracture (geology), discontinuity in rocks

Other articles related to "discontinuity":

Regression Discontinuity Design - Extensions - Regression Kink Design
... They write, "This approach resembles the regression discontinuity idea ... Instead of a discontinuity of in the level of the stipend-income function, we have a discontinuity in the slope of the function." Rigorous theoretical ...
Transition Zone (Earth) - 660 Km Discontinuity
... This is the most complex discontinuity seen ... in PP precursors (a wave which reflects off the discontinuity once) only in certain regions but is always apparent in SS precursors ... The Clapeyron slope predicts a deeper discontinuity in cold regions and a shallower discontinuity in hot regions ...
Scrambling (linguistics) - Theoretical Analyses
... (but not all!) instances of scrambling involving just shifting a discontinuity is not involved ... The tree on the left shows a discontinuity (= crossing lines) and the tree on the right illustrates how a movement analysis deals with the discontinuity ... structures necessitate this analysis in terms of a discontinuity and movement ...
Saheeh - Terminology Relating To The Authenticity of A Hadith - Ḍaʻīf
... classified as ḍaʻīf as "either due to discontinuity in the chain of narrators or due to some criticism of a narrator." Ḍaʻīf, (ضَعِيْف), is the categorization of a hadith as weak ... a hadith being classified as weak as "either due to discontinuity in the chain of narrators or due to some criticism of a narrator." This discontinuity ...