Dino-Riders - Toys - Series 2 (1989)

Series 2 (1989)

The second series of Dino-Rider toys consisted of eight new Valorian toys and only three new Rulons. Along with this was eight more 2-figure packs as well as six "Commandos". The Commandos consisted of a human figure with unique weapons and accessories.

The most notable toy from the range was the Brontosaurus which was the biggest toy in the entire range measuring 34 inches long and 15 inches tall. It is claimed that Tyco in an effort to keep costs for the figure down had to abandon several features that where originally intended to be part of the figure. These included motorized walking action, four figures instead of three, and an entirely different weapons system.

The Stegosaurus toy had motorized walking action, whilst the Pachycephalosaurus and Saurolophus both had a mechanism that allowed their bodies to thrust from a horizontal position with their tail in the air into a vertical position with their tail on the ground.

Dino-Riders Series 2 toys:

Valorians Rulons
Brontosaurus, with Serena, Ayce & Ion, also included three Rhamphorhynchus pterosaurs Kentrosaurus, with Krok
Stegosaurus, with Tark and Vega Saurolophus, with Lokus
Edmontonia, with Axis Placerias, with Skate
Dimetrodon, with Shado
Pachycephalosaurus, with Tagg
Struthiomimus, with Nimbus
Protoceratops, with Kanon


  • Astra, commander
  • Bomba, munitions expert
  • Kameelian, infiltrator
  • Glyde, paratrooper
  • Faze, artillery expert
  • Rok, mountain warfare expert

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