Dino may refer to:

  • slang term for a dinosaur
  • Dean "Dino" Martin (1917–1995), American singer and actor
  • Dino (Δεινώ), one of the Graiai
  • Japanese professional wrestler who uses the name Danshoku Dino
  • Dino (The Flintstones), pet dinosaur of The Flintstones, voiced by Mel Blanc
  • Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari (1932–1956), son of Enzo Ferrari, who developed Ferrari's only V6 engine
    • Fiat Dino, car that used Dino Ferrari's V6
    • Dino (automobile), Ferrari that also used that same engine;
  • DINO, or Democrat In Name Only
  • DinoSol, chain of supermarkets in the Canary Islands
  • Dino Entertainment, firm specializing in the compilation market of the late 1980s and early 1990s
  • Dino, Switzerland, a place in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland

People named Dino:

  • Abidin Dino (1913–1993), Turkish painter
  • Dino Crocetti, better known as Dean Martin; or his son Dean Paul Martin
  • Dino Bruni (born 1932), Italian road cyclist
  • Dino Buzzati (1906–1972), Italian writer and painter
  • Dino Cazares (born 1966), guitarist for Divine Heresy and former guitarist for Fear Factory
  • Dino Ciani (1941–1974), Italian pianist
  • Dino Ciccarelli (born 1960), retired NHL hockey player
  • Dino De Laurentiis (1919–2010), Italian film producer
  • Dino Dini (born 1965), creator of several famous football video games
  • Dino (singer) (Esposito, born 1963), singer from the late 1980s
  • Dino Esposito, MSDN magazine columnist
  • Dino Jelusić (born 1992), singer from Croatia
  • Dino Kartsonakis (born 1942), professional pianist who plays Christian-influenced music
  • Dino Merlin (born 1962), popular singer from Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Dino Morea (born 1975), Indian model/actor
  • Dino Risi (1916–2008), Italian film director
  • Dino Rossi (born 1959), candidate for Governor of Washington in 2004 and 2008
  • Dino Saluzzi (born 1935), Argentine musician
  • Dino Stamatopoulos (born 1964), television comedy writer, actor, and producer
  • Dino Zoff (born 1942), Italian former football goalkeeper

People with surname Dino:

  • Abidin Dino, Turkish artist and a well-known painter.
  • Abedin Dino, Albanian politician
  • Ahmed Dino, Albanian military leader and politician
  • Ali Dino, Albanian cartoonist and a Member of the Greek Parliament
  • Al' Dino, Bosnian singer, songwriter and composer
  • Danshoku Dino, Japanese professional wrestler
  • Gerald Nicholas Dino, American clergyman
  • Xhemil Dino, Albanian politician and diplomat
  • Kenny Dino, American singer
  • Rasih Dino, Albanian politician
  • Shahin Dino, Albanian politician and diplomat

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