Differential Pair

Differential signaling is a method of transmitting information electrically with two complementary signals sent on two paired wires, called a differential pair. Since external interference tend to affect both wires together, and information is sent only by the difference between the wires, the technique improves resistance to electromagnetic noise compared with use of only one wire and an un-paired reference (ground). The technique can be used for both analog signaling, as in balanced audio, and digital signaling, as in RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet over twisted pair, PCI Express, DisplayPort, HDMI and USB. The opposite technique is called single-ended signaling. Differential pairs are usually found on a printed circuit board, in cables (twisted-pair cables, ribbon cables), and in connectors.

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... High-voltage differential (HVD) signaling uses high-voltage signals ... SCSI-1 variations included a high voltage differential (HVD) implementation whose maximum cable length was many times that of the single-ended version ... The term high-voltage differential signaling is a generic one that describes a variety of systems ...
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... The input impedance of the differential pair highly depends on the input mode ... At differential mode, they behave as common-emitter stages with grounded emitters so, the input impedances are low ... The output impedance of the differential pair is high (especially for the improved differential pair from Fig ...
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... The additional USB 3.0 pins are two differential pairs and one ground (GND_DRAIN) ... The two additional differential pairs are for SuperSpeed data transfer they are used for dual simplex SuperSpeed signaling ... NAME DESCRIPTIONS 1 VBUS POWER 2 D- USB 2.0 DIFFERENTIAL PAIR 3 D+ 4 GND Ground for Power Return 5 StdB_SSTX- Superspeed transmitter differential pair 6 StdB_SSTX+ 7 GND_DRAIN Ground for ...

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