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Shadowrun - System - Mechanics
... The Shadowrun game mechanics are based entirely on a 6-sided dice system ... The player then rolls a number of dice equal to their level in the relevant skill, and the number of dice rolled that meet or exceed the target number determines if the character is ... For an action with a target number of 6 or less, a dice roll of 6 allows an extra dice to be rolled, increasing the chance of greater effectiveness ...
Traveller (role-playing Game) - Task Systems
... In these systems, two six-sided dice (2d6) are rolled against a target number set by the referee — and usually the roll must be equal to or higher than the target number in order to succeed ... Dice Modifiers (DMs) either provide a bonus or penalty to a roll (the + and – sign precede the number in such cases (+2 means add 2 to the roll, -4 means subtract 4 from the roll) ... The player then rolled a twenty-sided die (d20) (or ten-sided die (d10) and a d6 to simulate a d20 roll) to equal to or less than the target number to ...
Last Night On Earth: The Zombie Game - Gameplay
... Cards may be played at any time, unless noted on the card or after a card has caused dice to be rolled ... To determine if more Zombies are spawned, two dice are rolled and if the sum is higher than the number of Zombies on the board, more Zombies are placed later in the ... rolls one die, but wins on a tie and the Hero player rolls two dice and uses their higher number ...

Famous quotes containing the words rolled and/or dice:

    He took up his pen, which seemed to parch like a martyr in his hand. He began to write, nevertheless, addressing the nine-and-ninety lies of the moment he hoped with for a night of saloperie at the side of the twisted strumpet, Fiction, who lasciviously rolled her eyes at him, hiked up her skirt, and beckoned him on.
    Alexander Theroux (b. 1940)

    Often beneath the wave, wide from this ledge
    The dice of drowned men’s bones he saw bequeath
    An embassy.
    Hart Crane (1899–1932)