Diacritic Form

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Bengali Alphabet - Description of Bengali Glyphs - Vowels
... a vowel sound follows a consonant (or a consonant cluster), it is written with a diacritic which, depending on the vowel, can appear above, below, before or after the consonant ... The diacritic cannot appear without a consonant ... A diacritic form is named by adding a "-kar" to the end of the name of the corresponding vowel letter (see table below) ...
Telugu Alphabet - Vowels
... Telugu uses sixteen vowels, each of which has both an independent form and a diacritic form used with consonants to create syllables ... o/ ఓ కో ō /oː/ ఔ కౌ au /aw/ అం కం um అః కః ah-ha The independent form is used when the vowel occurs at the beginning of a word or syllable ... The diacritic form is added to consonants (represented by the dotted circle) to form a consonant-vowel syllable (example ka, kru, mo) ...

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