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Making Globalization Work - Overview
... The first concern being that the rules governing globalization favors developed countries, while the developing countries sink even lower ... The next concern is how developing countries are controlled by globalization and the negative effects it can have on their democracies ... Developing countries borrow a large amount of funds from other countries and the World Bank which essentially causes them to give up the benefits of their democracy because of the strings attached to the loan ...
Climate Change In Washington - Electronic Waste
... about 1% of the solid waste generated in developed countries ... e-waste being collected for recycling are not recycled in developed countries ... recycling practices and must recycle materials domestically or in developed countries ...
Global Financial Integrity - Reports - United Nations Development Programme
... The report, entitled "Illicit Financial Flows from the Least Developed Countries 1990-2008" found that "structural characteristics of Least Developed Countries could be ... found that about $197 billion had been taken illicitly out of the 48 poorest developing countries and into mainly developed countries between 1990–2008, and that "African LDCs accounted for 69 percent of total ...
Negative Effects of Anthropogenic Metabolism
... Most anthropogenic metabolism happens in developed countries ... Developed countries tend to have higher ecological footprints, which do not strictly correspond to a country's total population ... studies on the marine ecosystem that show major impacts by humans and developed countries which include more industries thus more anthropogenic metabolism ...
Least Developed Countries
... Least developed country (LDC) is the name given to a country which, according to the United Nations, exhibits the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development, with the lowest Human Development Index ... A country is classified as a Least Developed Country if it meets three criteria Poverty (three-year average GNI per capita of less than US $905, which must exceed $1,086 ... Countries may "graduate" out of the LDC classification when indicators exceed these criteria ...

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    I candidly confess that I have ever looked on Cuba as the most interesting addition which could ever be made to our system of States. The control which, with Florida, this island would give us over the Gulf of Mexico, and the countries and isthmus bordering on it, as well as all those whose waters flow into it, would fill up the measure of our political well-being.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    All parties attempt to represent important things that have developed outside themselves as unimportant, and where they fail in this they assail those things all the more bitterly the more admirable they are.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)