Detective - Private Detectives

Private Detectives

In some countries the practice of a detective is not yet recognized in courts and judicial processes.

One of these countries is Portugal, where the proof presented loses all the significance when collected by a private detective. Even under this circumstance, the practice of this activity is in demand, and ruled by a code of conduct.

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Elizabeth Stride - Inquest
... A grocer, Matthew Packer, implied to two private detectives employed by the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, Le Grand and Batchelor, that he had sold some grapes to Stride and the murderer however, he had told ... Nevertheless, Packer's story appeared in the press, and private detectives did discover a grape stalk in the yard ... between 25 and 30, slightly taller than her and wearing a soft felt hat, but he had told the private detectives that the man was middle-aged and heavy set ...
Bare-faced Messiah - Reaction From Hubbard's Followers - Harassment of The Author and Publishers
... His friends and business associates also received hostile visits from Scientologists and private detectives trying to find "dirt" on him. 1987, Miller commented "There are teams of private detectives in the U.S ... trying to discredit me." Attempts were made to implicate him in the murder of a private detective in South London, for a fire in a Wiltshire aircraft factory and for the murder of American singer Dean Reed ...

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    I fear the popular notion of success stands in direct opposition in all points to the real and wholesome success. One adores public opinion, the other, private opinion; one, fame, the other, desert; one, feats, the other, humility; one, lucre, the other, love; one, monopoly, and the other, hospitality of mind.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)